English spelling and grammar.

 English spelling and grammar.

In addition, these tools do not detect misspellings that can easily form another word. In many cases, the clientele has gotten in touch with us to correct their rejected manuscripts because of having too many errors of English spelling and grammar. We do this because we want to ensure that the publication or the materials may not be rejected because of its content. Grammar checkers can be even more problematic: We don’t trust in Grammar checkers. We use 256-bit SSL industry standard and we never share or store your documents without your consent.

Thesis, Dissertation, Essay, Research Paper, Assignment, Literature Review, Article, Presentation, Research Proposal, Report, Project, Manuscript. Because these tools have a limited number of rules, so are not capable of identifying each and every error. We work on any type of document in the English language; including academic, business and personal documents. Kindly visit our FAQs page to learn more about our services. Grammar checkers are not able to provide thorough explanations to help you understand the reason behind the incorrect sentence. Joanna: Joanna has a background in the social sciences and received her MSc from University College London before obtaining a teaching qualification from Oxford University.

He has since returned home and continues to publish and edit for a range of high-profile outlets. Proofread for only one kind of error at a time: Trying to identify all the kinds of errors at the same time will always be ineffective as it lacks focus. Upon verification of the problem, Sibia Proofreading guarantees that it shall solve the problem to the Customer's satisfaction or either provide credit for additional service to the Customer or refund the fee paid for the service in question, based upon the Customer's preference. Customer agrees to defend Sibia Proofreading and its independent contractors at Customer's cost and expense, and will indemnify and hold Sibia Proofreading, its independent contractors, and their respective officers and agents (the "Sibia Proofreading Indemnified Parties") harmless from and against any losses, costs, damages, fees or expenses arising out of any claim relating to the use or application of Sibia Proofreading's services by Customer. In order to avoid this we follow strict guidelines of professional reading and work in process because we believe in quality work.

In all of these cases, the document was accepted for publication after we offered our document proofreading services and proofreading editing services.






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